Interior design is all about enhancing our spaces by improving function in a beautiful way. 

For the most part, when we think of design we often think of the big things, like furniture and finishes, but design is also about enhancing the functionality and beauty of everyday small objects too – like soap pumps, coasters, and cutting boards. Design is in the details! When we pay attention to those details, we bring an added layer of finesse and luxury to our designs. With that, we want to help you elevate your spaces at home so you can make more intentional decisions about your everyday items, and bring that added layer of luxury to your designs without breaking the bank! So, here’s a list of our top 10 everyday items that offer simple ways of bringing luxury to your home!

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


We probably all remember our parents or grandparents keeping their fine cutlery and china for special occasions. They would keep it all tucked neatly away in fancy boxes, and we’d only get to use it once or twice a year. Well, we encourage you to treat every day as a special occasion and enjoy some of your finer cutlery and dishware on a daily basis.

Now, you don’t have to go spending a lot of money to enjoy a nice cutlery set – visit CB2 or Crate & Barrel (just to name a couple) for some amazing designer cutlery sets at affordable prices! We also encourage you to select a nice wooden cutlery organizer to display your new pieces and keep them impeccably organized. Above is a picture of our everyday cutlery set at home.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


We all need coasters scattered around the house to protect our surfaces from water rings and drink stains. So why not make them beautiful at the same time? Coasters are not only functional but can also act as the perfect little accessories in any room, gently sprinkled here and there for a little added visual dressing. We personally love an array of natural stone or metal coasters that tie in so well with any style of décor and are also extremely durable.  So, keep your eye out for a cute collection of coasters!


Bathrobes often feature as complimentary luxury items to enjoy while visiting a spa or staying on holiday at a nice hotel. But why wait to go abroad to wrap yourself up in these lux numbers? Bathrobes are a perfect way to pamper yourself at home. They also act as nice accessories draped on a hook in your bathroom by bringing in a layer of texture or pattern. We love a good bathrobe in a waffle fabric, which not only looks great, but also feels great on your skin. These are our cotton-terry bathrobes, hung in our ensuite, that we ordered from H&M Home as a gift to each other for our recent 11th-year wedding anniversary.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

beautiful towels

Like bathrobes, really nice towels have often been associated with a hotel stay. However, in the past couple of years, that has started to change and we are seeing beautiful towels being made available at our local home décor stores. You may have noticed your local Home Sense selling gorgeous ribbed, waffle, or Turkish towels at great prices. So, say goodbye to your standard terry cloth towels, and hello to your new luxury towel set! 

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

Oh, and one more thing, the secret is in the folding! Fold your towels into thirds with the long edges being folded in toward the middle. Then do the same with the short edges so all your towel edges are concealed. Taking the little time to fold or roll your towels neatly will allow you to display them on a shelf or in a basket, featuring them as décor!

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


Trays are by far one of our favourite functional accessories. Now, we’re not talking TV dinner trays here, we mean gorgeous wood, metal, or stone trays that are perfect for carrying and serving food and drinks, and can also act as a stage to display your other home décor as well. Trays are perfect on your coffee table or ottoman, adding that little extra surface space, and they look great too! Here’s a picture of how we accessorize the tray on our coffee table at home.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

fruit bowl

Fruit bowls are one of the perfect accessories for your kitchen, to inject a pop of colour by neatly displaying your fruit. Treat your fruit bowl like sculptural art and have fun hunting for one that makes a statement and ties in with your overall design. Try also filling your new sculptural fruit bowl with fruit that are the same size and colour for a clean look – have fun playing around with it like you would a floral arrangement! Here is a shot of our fruit bowl at home filled with our favourite green pears!

kitchen items (salt & pepper shaker, cutting boards)

In design we have a rule of thumb, that if items have to be on display in your kitchen, then they should be beautiful! Cutting boards and salt & pepper shakers are often items we need to access on a daily basis when we’re cooking our meals, so we take the opportunity to use them as accessories on the countertop. A favourite are these salt & pepper grinders from Le Creuset which are offered in a variety of colours to match your kitchen décor. Polish off the look by displaying cutting boards leaned neatly against the wall.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

throw blanket

We all love to have a throw blanket handy to snuggle up with on the couch. Take the time to select one that complements your design through pattern, texture, and colour. When neatly folded or draped on your chair or sofa, they can add an instant luxury look!

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J
Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

soap pump

It’s time to ditch the brightly coloured name brand soap pumps that have “kills 99.9% of germs” written on the front! This is not the look we are going for when adding the finishing touches to our bathrooms. Instead, be intentional in selecting a well-designed soap pump and consider a set that carries a pump for hand lotion as well. A simple upgrade to neutral coloured ceramic or glass pumps will have a big impact in your space and give it a luxury look! Here’s a picture of the fun graphic letter pump set we have at home.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

decorative tissue box

Like the soap pumps, standard tissue boxes can be very unsightly. We recommend selecting a tissue box cover that ties in with your décor. This small change has a big impact – turning your tissue box into a fun accessory in your space!

Most times when we hear the word ‘luxury’ we think of things that are expensive and sometimes out of our reach. But at  Maison J&J Inc.,  luxury is all about treating yourself well every day, not just on special occasions. It is about adopting a lifestyle where caring for yourself and your space forms part of your daily routine and you begin to lead the relaxed luxury lifestyle you deserve.

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