Choosing the right paint colour can sometimes be a challenge. There are many different versions of each colour, and each colour can look very different depending on the lighting they come under. It’s not easy to get a true sense of a colour from the small paper swatch in a fan deck, and after painting countless samples on your wall, making the final decision can definitely be a little overwhelming. So how do you choose the right paint colour for your home? We’ve got you covered!

We have compiled a list of some classic colours that we have featured in our interiors that we hope will inspire you and help you in narrowing down the choice for your next paint project.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J



Ok, let’s start things off with the neutrals. White has to be the most popular neutral paint colour, acting as the default colour for most spaces. However, white is so much more than just the base colour for creating a blank canvas. In design, white is very versatile and can be both classic and modern, trendy and timeless, all at the same time! There are cool whites, and warm whites, and everything in between! J&J’s favourite go-to white is Chantilly Lace, OC-65 (Benjamin Moore). It is a true white that blends beautifully in almost any light and can be used on walls, cabinetry and mouldings. It doesn’t have any strong underlying colours showing through, and looks amazing with any other colour!


Nursery Décor by Maison J&J



“This grey is too purple, this grey is too blue, but ah, this grey is just right!” We imagine that might be along the lines of what Goldilocks would say if she walked into a paint store looking for grey. This moody colour can be a little sneaky, like a chameleon it can take on hints of other colours surrounding it. 

But we have found the grey that is just right: Coventry Gray, HC-169 (Benjamin Moore). It’s a sophisticated colour, and quite strong in its own right. Sitting somewhere between both a cool and warm shade, it ties in well in any space and complements other colours around it.


We love black! We often use black as an accent colour in the spaces we design through accessories, hardware, and of course paint! In fact, it has become one of Maison J&J’s signatures to paint the interior of front doors in black! Bringing black into your space is a great way to make a bold statement while keeping things classy. Choosing the right black can sometimes be a little tricky, as certain black paints can have a blue undertone, making them look a little more navy instead of the true black you’re going for. But, we’ve discovered our favourite black, and that’s Wrought Iron 2124-20 (Benjamin Moore). It has a softness to it, bringing a little warmth to your space while still making a statement! 

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


Remember when beige was all the rage, but then grey became the new beige for a while? One of our go-to beige colours is Feather Down, OC-6 (Benjamin Moore). Beige, like white, can often be used as a default colour. It’s a good way to keep things fresh and light while still injecting a bit of colour into your space. 

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

In the past, beige often carried rich undertones of yellow or even a subtle hint of pink, but today beiges carry a little more of a grey undertone, which makes them more contemporary and modern. Earth tones and neutrals have made a resurgence in the design industry this year and that’s why Feather Down is one of our favourites!


Now stepping away from the neutrals, let’s talk colourful colours, starting with one of the industry’s favourites: Green! If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest the past year or so you’ve probably noticed the green trend! It’s a great go-to colour for kitchen cabinets, accent walls, and statement furniture. Maybe it’s because green reminds us of nature and that it has the ability to be bold, yet refreshing and calming at the same time. So, if you’re looking to add a little colour to your home, we recommend the gorgeous Caldwell Green, HC-124 (Benjamin Moore).

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


All hale navy! That’s not just a declaration of our love for blue, it’s also the name of our favourite go-to blue: Hale Navy HC-154 (Benjamin Moore). Blue is such a rich and regal colour, often perceived as a symbol of empowerment and prosperity. We believe it carries the same weight in interiors, adding a richness and sophistication to any space. If you’re a little hesitant about embracing the boldness of blue, we highly recommend starting off with Hale Navy! It’s on the darker, slightly more muted side, and nods in the direction of grey, allowing it to fit in nicely as a strong neutral. 

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


To finish off our list of go-to paint colours, we want to introduce you to North Sea Green, 2053-30 (Benjamin Moore), a beautiful turquoise, landing somewhere between green and blue. We recently chose this striking colour for a client’s kitchen island, and it’s the perfect colour to make their custom cabinetry the main feature in the room. Because of its gorgeous hue, turquoise pairs well with any neutral and is the ideal backdrop to make your metallics pop! Give it a try on an accent wall or a piece of furniture.

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J

So, there you have it, Maison J&J’s top go-to classic paint colours. Give them a try in your next project and be sure to share pictures with us – we would love to see these classic beauties in your home!


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