Patio season is almost upon us, and we’re all eager to get outside and enjoy the good weather. So, we want to help you create the ultimate outdoor oasis right in your own backyard! With so many different property types, outdoor spaces can range from condo balconies to sprawling backyards. So, we are spreading our outdoor design tips across a three-part blog.

In our last blog we addressed CONDO BALCONIES; today, we are going to address how to layout a LARGE BALCONY.

Whether indoors or outdoors, it is remarkable how challenging it can be to make the best use of your space, without making your furniture look lost! Below is our 3-step formula as to how your can go about addressing your large balcony with all the right furniture.


Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


STEP #1: Establish Zones

What would you like to achieve with your space? How many people do you plan on using your balcony at any given time? Are you into formal dining or casual entertaining?

These are all questions that you need to ask in order to establish zones for your furniture placement! Perhaps you are looking for a zone to lounge, a dining zone, a cooking zone, or even a zone for an outdoor Ping Pong table! 

We suggest using outdoor area rugs to define these zones! This will really add charm and warmth to your balcony!


Step #2: Good Ol’ Tape

It’s really important that you consider the size of furniture that you are purchasing. Often people make the mistake of purchasing furniture that is too small to fill a larger balcony. In doing this, your furniture will look lost within the space. We suggest the good ol’ method of using a measuring tape and painters tape in order to map-out your furniture plan and ultimately confirm that you are happy with the scale of furniture that you are purchasing… too small… too big… just right!


Nursery Décor by Maison J&J
Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


Step #3: Comfort is key… always!

Have you ever been to an outdoor party and had to spend 4 hours sitting on a metal seat? How about a wood seat without a cushion? When selecting your outdoor furniture, remember that comfort is key! Make sure that you are selecting furniture that is comfortable for your guests (and for you) to enjoy! Plush seat cushions, a comfy sofa, accent chairs and ergonomic bar stools are all a must!

From establishing your zones and measuring for the perfect size of furniture to never compromising on comfort, you now have the perfect formula to get started with filling your large balcony with all of the right pieces!

The above images are from a recent Virtual Décor Package that Maison J&J completed for a happy client! Looking for further guidance on creating your own outdoor oasis? Click here to get started with a Virtual Décor package, and we’ll help you put together your dream outdoor space!


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