Patio season is almost upon us, and we’re all eager to get outside and enjoy the good weather. So, we want to help you create the ultimate outdoor oasis right in your own backyard! With so many different property types, outdoor spaces can range from condo balconies to sprawling backyards. So, we are spreading our outdoor design tips across a three-part blog.

In our last blog we addressed HOW TO LAYOUT YOUR LARGE BALCONY; today, we are going to address how to go about creating an outdoor oasis when you don’t actually have an outdoor space to call your own!

It is surprising just how many people do not have an outdoor space to call their own! As a matter of fact, we ourselves have lived in several urban spaces that did not have a balcony. It has always been very important to us to adapt and find a way to take-in the summer months while creating an outdoor oasis that is the next best thing to having our very own! BUT you must know, we have actually had some of our best outdoor memories in our makeshift outdoor escapes! Here are some of our essentials for creating a balcony experience without having a balcony to call your own!

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J



It goes without saying that scoping out your closest park or green space is a must! The second the warm weather approaches we have always made sure that we have a pre-packed bag close to the door with everything we need to create our very own backyard experience! What do we recommend as backyard bag essentials? To name a few:
-pre-charged Bluetooth speaker
-swag outdoor cotton rug (folds down to a minimum & machine washable)
-bug spray
Remember that preparation is key…if your bag is packed and readily available, nothing can hold you back from enjoying the GREAT OUTDOORS!

Image: J&J’s Outdoor Essential Bag



In our various urban settings, we have never been ones to own folding camping chairs (we would prefer to use our limited storage spaces for other things)! We have often entertained guests and created gourmet experiences on municipal picnic tables and you’d be amazed how easy it is to create a memorable experience without a huge effort. We’ve always been fans of good outdoor reusable picnic dishware & cutlery, but have always opted for using crystal wine glasses & fabric napkins (you guessed right… we use our fabric napkins to protect the glassware in transportation); let’s face it; your favourite refreshing beverage always tastes better in a glass! We also always have a fabric table cloth on hand which can amp up any table! AND YES… unscented candles are a must (especially for picnics at dusk).

Image source:

Nursery Décor by Maison J&J
Nursery Décor by Maison J&J


essential #3: The menu is set

Now that your table is set… let’s not forget about the most important part (besides your guests); THE MENU!! Over the years, we have found a few staple menu items that are gourmet and guaranteed crowd pleasers. Here are a few of our pre-set menus:

MENU OPTION #1: PLANCHE MIXTE (French a for mixed cheese & meat charcuterie board), your favorite spritzer & soft baked cookies

MENU OPTION #2: Chilled grilled cheese with sautéed onion (goat cheese & sweet onions), chilled sparkling cider & mixed berry pie

MENU OPTION #3: Mushroom stuffed tortellini pasta with brown butter & thyme sauce with toasted pine nuts (market fresh pasta, served warm), chilled white wine & chocolate mousse with crushed toasted hazelnuts!

There is no reason that you can’t host fun (and even fancy) outdoor dinner parties JUST BECAUSE you don’t have a balcony. The bag is packed, the table is set, the food is ready to go!

Image: J&J’s Planche Mixte

Welcome to your outdoor oasis!

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